I’ll be honest.  I’m not Tim Tebow’s biggest fan.  I’m not entirely sure why not except that I think to many people are making a bigger deal than necessary about him.  It probably also has to do with the fact that he led a comeback against my Vikings.  But the more the Broncos win the more I have to swallow my pride and say that Tebow at least has something to do with it.

The practice of Tebowing (suddenly bowing in prayer even when others are doing something else entirely) has come under scrutiny as of late.  Honestly, I don’t really have a deep opinion on it except that my personality is such that I will not suddenly start tebowing.

Interestingly, the other day I was reading in Luther’s Large Catechism and came across this gem from the section on the second commandment.

“Likewise, children should continue to cross themselves when anything monstrous or terrible is seen or heard.  They can shou, “Lord God, protect us!” “Help, dear Lord Jesus!” and such.  Also, if anyone meets with unexpected good fortune, however trivial, he says, “God be praised and thanked!” or “God has bestowed this on me!” and so on…” (Emphasis added.)

I don’t really have anything to add to that.  Just thought I would point it out to further fuel the discussion.

However, if anyone can find or make an awesome picture of Martin Luther tebowing that would be great.

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