July 11th-16th

Senior High Camp you will have a chance to dig deep into God’s Word with Christians who care about you and who want to grow in faith. We also have a lot of fun. Come prepared to laugh, play, and to challenge yourself. We will have Bible studies, a speaker, great music, night games, campfires and lots of food.


*Since our Sr. High Camp is now only a half week we are offering a few options for our campers: 1) Stay until lunch on Wednesday,  and then check-out, 2) go to Icelandic State Park and check-out after supper on Wednesday, or 3) stay overnight Wednesday and be a Jr. Counselor on Thursday, with our Peewee Day Camp (please call camp at 701.284.6795 to arrange option 3).


You may also choose to participate in our high ropes course, climb our climbing tower and join in paintball fun! Please fill out all forms for these activities before arriving at camp. Release form to be filled-out before arrival to camp (can be found on our website or mailed upon request). Cost of climbing tower is $20 extra and $35 for paintball.


PRICE: $360 / $590


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