Life has been rather busy at the Bible Camp lately and so my ability to write a good theological blog is temporarily diminished. Therefore, you will receive a snapshot of how our 6-9 grade ski/snowboard retreat went this weekend.

“We will be studying two stories this weekend” I said to our counseling staff. “The first lesson is from John chapter four. The second is from John chapter 6. In both lessons Jesus shows us who He is and what He has come to do. In the first lesson Jesus reveals Himself as the Divine Son of God who knows everything we do and gives living water. In the second Jesus reveals Himself as the Divine Son of God who richly provides for us and gives Himself to us as the bread of life. Both stories were written so that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ and by believing have eternal life in His name.”

“What will we be doing tonight” asked an 8th grade boy? “First we will have a rally in which we praise God, learn a Bible verse, and have a short sermon. Then we will have Bible study, followed by some time to buy snacks and beverages from our camp store, play games in the gym and finally have a campfire before bed,” I said in response.

“Tomorrow we will have breakfast and then load the bus at 8:30 to go to FrostFire. Remember to bring money for lunch and to stick with a friend during our time at the ski hill.” “We will” said the 42 excited youth/children. While at FrostFire many of the youth learned how to ski or snowboard while others improved their skills and/or displayed them for all to see. Some of the snowboarders sustained injuries. With a few exceptions they all got stiff and sore by the end of the day or switched to skiing. None of the skiers got injured, or stiff, or sore. I am not saying skiing is better, I’m just saying…

That night we sold a lot of pizza at our camp store and had some time to relax and play games or to run around in the gym followed by an epic game of “Pirates and Raiders.” Pirates and Raiders is a game of adventure and sneakiness played inside a large building in the dark. No injuries occurred.

At the end of the retreat I was thoroughly tired but very well pleased. Our kids and staff had a great time. Christ was proclaimed. Faith was created. It was a good, Christ centered, fun time. That night the entire country celebrated with a big super bowl party. It was an awesome ending to an awesome weekend

Blessings to you today.

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