While in seminary, I was tasked with writing psalms in the voices of Biblical characters. This is one of those psalms.

Of Boaz.
A Hymn of Praise.

Praise the LORD, give thanks to the LORD,
For the LORD has shown favor to one is who is old and dry
And has rewarded the faithfulness of His servant.

Bless the LORD, sing praises to His glorious Name,
For the LORD Provider has blessed the earth with abundance
And has lifted the famine from the face of the land.

Shout to the LORD, lift up a shout of joy,
For the Almighty God has provided a seed of hope for His people,
A seed that will sprout a mighty branch.

Rejoice in the LORD, lift up holy hands to the LORD,
For it is good to praise the LORD;
Praise the LORD!

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