While in seminary, I was tasked with writing psalms in the voice of Biblical characters.  Here is one of those psalms.

Of Daniel.
When Nebuchadnezzar threatened the wise men of Bablyon.

O mighty God of my ancestors ,
How long will You revile Your faithful servants?
How long, O great God, will you despise Your people,
Those faithful even unto exile?
Have we not suffered enough?
Are our bones not yet broken under Your mighty weight?

Was it not You, the Almighty, who heard the distant cry of Your people in Egypt?
Was it not You, O Lord, who led the people in a pillar fire by night and cloud by day?
Surely the rivers of Babylon do not rush so mightily
That our voices are drowned out of Your hearing?

Surely I could raise my hands as Moses did?
Allow me to raise my hands and receive deliverance
As you delivered our ancestors from the hands of Amalek.
As you gave victory to Joshua before the mighty walls of Jericho,
In a land he did not yet know, though You knew it;
Give us deliverance from the hand of Nebuchadnezzar,
In a land that is foreign to us, but is surely under Your mighty hand.

In this land, Your Name, O God, is mocked.
They scorn us saying, “Their God has abandoned them!”
They blaspheme while saying, “Nebuchadnezzar has defeated Yahweh
by the hand of Bel !”

Therefore, deliver your faithful servants,
Those who profess their loyalty to the God of our ancestors alone.
Show our captors the strength of Your mighty arms,
Let Your Name be renowned among all nations.

Surely You provided strength from meager food
And health from empty plates to show Yourself powerful this day.
Just as you delivered Joseph while he sat in prison
We will trust in Your deliverance, and hope in Your faithfulness.

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