Washes over us like the shower at my in-law’s house.

When you step into this shower, the first thing you notice are the smooth rocks that make up the floor of the shower.  These are rocks that were stealthily picked out from the north shore of Lake Superior specifically for this purpose.  Every step is like a massage for your beat up and often neglected feet.

And then the water is turned on.  At first it comes from a showerhead that isn’t oversized, but neither is it too small.  It is, as Goldilocks said, just right.  I don’t know what temperature they have their water heater set for, but if you want the water to be hot, it will be hot. And of course, there is the steam.  The steam alone will wake you up and allow you to truly breathe as though you were a new born baby taking in your first taste of air.

If you are able to turn your face down from the refreshing spring of life sprinkling over you to open up your now alert eyes, you will see not one, but two more shower heads!  A flip of a switch is all it takes and suddenly every inch of your body is engulfed with water and it feels as though the cold and grime of the morning drips down through your legs and out your toes.

And when it is all over, you can’t help but feel like a new person.

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