First of all, I want to apologize for the tardiness of this week’s post.

This fall has been a recharging time for me. I have been reading “Christian Dogmatics” by Francis Pieper, the “Smalcald Articles”, the “Apology to the Augsburg Confession” and the “Formula of Concord/Solid Declaration”all from the Book of Concord. In addition I am drinking in three different theological blogs. Through these sources, and chiefly through God’s Word, the Bible, God has been restoring and recharging me. It is a joy to hear the Gospel preached and to grow in my knowledge of the Divine Doctrine.

Today I will share a reflection concerning the cross written by my Grandfather, Pastor Gordon Berntson.

The Cross

Beneath Thy cross I’ll ever stay
for sheltered by its heights.
Undaunted will I live each day
Nor dread the starless nights.

Protected by thy cross I’ll find
The strength each day requires
and warmed by peace of soul and mind
I’ll shun Satanic fires.

Enlightened by Thy Cross I know
The blackening clouds of sin
but it has made me white as snow
A child of God within

Grant, Lord, that e’er Thy Cross I’ll see
Without it, I would stray
But grasping it, Eternity
I know I’ll find some day.


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