Our camp owns three large portable wooden crosses with bases for each one. We use them for camp dramas, skits, and visual aids for Bible studies. A few days ago we loaned one of them out. I knew they were big so I brought our families mini van to get it. I lifted the back hatch and tried setting the cross in – it would not fit. I tried to get it into the van through a side door – it didn’t fit. I tried the other side door – of course that did not work either. There was plenty of space in the vehicle, but the horizontal beam was simply too wide to get through any opening straight. At last it dawned on me, the seats would have to be moved. I hate moving the seats. I think Chrysler purposely makes their seats difficult to put back in. It is an anti-Luke conspiracy. Nevertheless, I unlocked the seats, slid them forward a little, and there was more than enough room for the cross (and the van seats).

The ordeal reminded me of the way my life sometimes goes. I am a busy guy. My days seem to go by pretty quickly. Maybe yours are like that too. I actually have plenty of time to spend with the Lord – in his Word and in prayer, but sometimes my day, like my van, just needs a little rearranging.

Our God understands the struggle we sometimes have to make time for him. The wonderful news is that God never struggles to make time for us. And even when we fail to pray, the Holy Spirit does not fail to pray for us for the sake of Jesus.

Have a wonderful day.

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