Camp Hope

June 19th - June 22st, 2022

Park River Bible Camp is having its second Camp Hope, a camp just for kids who are in the foster program.  Camp Hope is for kids of all ages.  Any kid who has finished kindergarten to twelfth grade can attend Camp Hope.  We are excited to offer a two-night three-day experience that provides kids with a safe space to have fun, meet new friends, play games, tie-dye, join in campfires and much more!  

With COVID we were not able to offer this last summer and are excited to move forward and have camp this summer.  


June 19-22, 2022 Camp Hope will begin with registration Sunday at 4pm and end with a closing program on Thursday at 11am followed by a camp picnic for everyone.  


The great part about Camp Hope is we have had a donor give specifically allowing us to lower our price for camp.  Camp Hope costs $50 for the three nights, four days.  There are extras fees for things, as mentioned on the back of the brochure that PRBC does not pay for.  


We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to having kids and youth on site for the summer. Some specific things we are offering all kids is music therapy, we will have a certified counselor onsite for the three days and we hope to offer a meditative painting event for older kids with Sister Michelle Walka through Beloved Art and practice.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  


Included in the brochure is al the information that the family would need to know: how and where to register, what to bring, cost, dates etc. If a family has any questions or would like to come to the camp to do a visit beforehand, it would be our pleasure to show the family and child around camp.  


Thank you again for this opportunity and we look forward to an impactful summer of ministry.  


PRICE: $50 


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