Artsy Getaway 2023

March 24-26

12:00 pm Friday-2:00 pm Sunday 




7:00pm ~ Paint Pouring Part 1 – $10

5:00pm ~ Pen Holder – $5 for 2


9:00am ~ Card Class – $10 for 5 cards

10:30am ~ Easter Mug Rug – $10

1:00-3:00pm ~ Kids & Me Class – $5

7:30pm ~ Paint Pouring Part 2



Stampin’ Up – Kris Sobolik 

H’art’fully Homemade – Emily Espersen


Massages by Nancy $65 for an hour 

Rummage Sale

We will have the sale on Saturday. You can bring the supplies you no longer use to sell. Be sure to add your name and price on each item!

What to Bring

Bedding, toiletries, fan (if you need it for sleeping), comfy clothes, all your crafting supplies that you will need, snacks, money for classes, a small lamp for your table (optional).

If you have any questions please call our office at 701-284-6795. We certainly look forward to your camping season and the opportunity to have fun and grow in faith together with you! See you soon!

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