Memorials & Honorariums

If you wish to memorialize or honor a friend or loved one, you may do so by sending a gift in any amount to Park River Bible Camp. Your name and the name of the person you have given in memory of will be listed (without mentioning the amount given) in the November issue of The Proclaimer. Upon request, a notice will be given to the family of those you wish to honor. If you have any questions or want more information, please call our camp office at (701) 284-6795.

To give a memorial or honorarium online, click on the “Donate” button. This will take you to the Park River Bible Camp Razoo website to complete your gift. After selecting an amount to donate, please click the “dedicate my donation to someone” and enter the name(s) of whom you are recognizing. (image below “donate now” is for viewable instructions)

Donate Now

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