Choose Your Price

We desire that finances will not hinder children from attending Park River Bible Camp where they will hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Therefore we only charge youth campers around 60% of the actual cost of camp.
The other 40% of the costs needed to run the Bible Camp are supplied by faithful people of all ages who want to see this camping ministry continue to be a blessing.

We invite you to give as you are able and to stop by to visit us.
One way you may give is by choosing to pay a higher registration fee. For this reason we offer you 2 choices of what you would like to pay. Option 1 represents our traditional charge. Option 2 is the amount we would need to charge if we did not have faithful donors.

If your budget happens to be tight at the moment, please do not hesitate to choose Option 1: Traditional Cost.
If you need Financial Assistance, Park River Bible Camp, with the help of donors provides a way for your child to come to camp at little to no cost. Please fill out the campership form or call our main office at 701-284-6795.

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