While in seminary, I was tasked with writing psalms in the voices of Biblical characters.  This is one of those psalms.

Of Ezra.
As Ezra anticipated entering the Temple.

O LORD Redeemer, who is able to enter Your courts?
Who is able to abide in Your dwelling place?

Those who are upright and whose feet lead them on blameless paths;
Truth is on their lips,
Goodness is shown to their friends,
And they are honored among their neighbors.

O LORD Restorer of life, who can praise You in Your Temple?
Who can lift their hands while in Your sacred space?

Those who love the Law of the LORD and have not forsaken it;
Their hearts meditate on the law day and night,
The commands of the LORD are written on the hands,
The statutes and ordinances of Yahweh are ever before him.

For the Law of the LORD our God is good,
Instructing His people to everlasting life.

The Law of the LORD does not lead one astray,
The Law of the LORD is a blessing for those who walk in its ways
And a curse for those who trample it under foot.

For the Commandments of the LORD our God is good,
Assuring His people of His covenant promises.

The Commandments of the LORD are a blessing,
Instructing the wise in the way of righteousness,
Condemning the foolish to a life of death.

O LORD our Rescuer, who can worship in Your Holy Temple,
And who can abide by Your Holy Covenant?

Those who do these things,
Those who are wise and prudent.

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