Climbing Tower

Challenge Course Health History and Permission Form

The climbing tower was a new addition to our program in 2009. The tower is located on the north edge of camp property, atop a high river bank. The tower itself is thirty-five feet tall and has a platform at the top from which climbers can see for miles around. The tower is built back from the edge of the river bank, but climbers can still see down to the river fifty feet below the base of the tower.

The three-sided tower has a different shape on each side. One climbing face is a flat wall, another has a lean-to slope to make the start of the climb easier, and the third side has a chimney/overhang shape for a unique challenge.

Participants for the Climbing Tower must be in 5th grade or older. The tower is used for onsite camps and is also available to be used by outside groups. If you would like to book an opportunity for your group, call us at (701) 284-6795 or email us at .

The safety of participants is our primary concern. Our trained and certified facilitators instruct all participants in safe practices. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art, and all equipment is thoroughly inspected before each use.