Summer Staff Reference

2016 Reference Form

If you have been asked by an applicant to do so, please furnish reference information as part of the application process for a Park River Bible Camp staff position. Your evaluation of the cadidate for youth and children’s camping ministry is essential to our selection process. Thank you for your assistance!

Please fill out this form as thoroughly as possible. Fields marked with an asterisk (“*”) are required.

Applicant's Information

*Applicant's name:

*How many years have you known the applicant?

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Personal Characteristics

Please check all characteristics you are aware of.

Verbal Skills: TalkativeArticulate/ClearTalks when necessaryGenerally quiet

Relational Ability: Initiates relationshipComfortable/FriendlyUnapproachableShy

Direction: Goal orientedUsually purposefulStill decidingNo real direction

Cooperation: Thrives in group settingsCooperates when convenientExcels at working aloneDisruptive in groups

Leadership: Effective leaderGood organizerGood followerAvoids leadership

Reliability: Needs little supervisionThrives under leadershipUnreliableNeglectful of obligations

Industry: Seeks additional workFinishes assigned workNeeds proddingLazy

Disposition: IntrovertExtrovertDisagreeableEven-keeled

Concern: Passionate for social justiceThoughtful of othersIndifferentSelf-centered

Energy: Very energeticAverage energyLacking energyFrequently lacking energy

Emotional Status: BalancedAlways chipperInsecureHigh highs, low lows

Social Maturity: Adult-likeDeveloping maturityYouth-likeSocially unaware

Spiritual Characteristics

Please check ten descriptions of the apllicant's Christian life


Justice seekerWorshipfulNonviolentPeacemakerBuilds communityCompassionateBible reader

EgotisticalKnows the BibleVocalSacramentalDecision-theologianAdvocateDeeply rooted



Personal faithGrace-orientedQuestioningKnow-it-allAtheistEcumenicalPhonyAgnostic

ImmatureLukewarmHumblePublic faithMatureJoyfulDowntroddenLoving


*Would you hire this person to work at Park River Bible Camp? Why or why not?

*Are you aware of any reason this person should not work with and/or live in a cabin with young people? If "yes," please explain.

*Why would this person do well in the position for which they are applying?

*What are his/her strengths and weaknesses?

*How is the applicant's Christian faith evident in his/her daily life?

Is there any other relevant information not listed elsewhere on the form?

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I certify that all information on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also give the hiring staff at Park River Bible Camp permission to contact me regarding the applicant.